The Poirot

35.00 €

It’s not hard to see where this Šikk got its name from. The intellectual, witty and eccentrically-refined Belgium detective is a legendary character. One who has never been known for his modesty. That’s what we expect from the adventurous messieurs and mademoiselles who are planning to acquire one of these bold accessories.


Natural oils and waxes

Handmade in Estonia

Laser cut to perfection

Hand crafted from the finest selection of woods, Šikk wooden bow ties are made with utmost care and workmanship. All ties are laser cut to perfection, skilfully polished and finished with natural beeswax to create the finest, most desirable high-quality accessory possible. All laces are tailored, mostly from cotton by the same expert hands that create the unique bow ties.

Šikk bow ties follow a one-size-fits-all design with comfortably regulated laces for neck sizes from 27cm to 50cm. The dimensions of the tie are 12×2.5cm.

Handmade with lots of love

We love crafting extraordinary things from wood. Every product we make is truly unique, even if the shape remains the same. That’s the beauty of nature.

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